Business Owners


Gaughan Capital Management understands that small companies require the trust of a local, independent advisor to help design and manage their retirement plan. GCM specializes in meeting the unique retirement needs of small business owners in the greater Chicago area. We recognize that each person's situation and business is different, so we develop a customized plan that focuses on your personal goals.

What makes Gaughan Capital Management different?

  • Independent advisory services. Unlike large Wall Street firms, we provide unbiased financial advice free from any conflicts of interest. Our commitment to always put your interests first is evident in every aspect of our business. We've chosen to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®, the largest privately held independent broker/dealer in the nation. 
  • Retirement plan expertise. Business owners have numerous complex, tax-favored vehicles available for retirement planning. We are focused on designing customized, owner-driven retirement plans that provide you, the business owner, effective strategies to lower your tax burden and increase retirement assets.
    • Defined benefit (DB) plans – A unique type of qualified plan. These plans are ideal for business owners, 50 years and older, who are looking to save larger amounts than are allowed in traditional DC plans. With a defined benefit plan, successful business owners can make significantly higher
      tax-deductible contributions than any other type of qualified retirement plan.     
    • Non-qualified plans – Tax-favorable plans geared specifically for owners and key employees.  Includes deferred compensation, executive bonus, and
      401(k) mirror plans. ERISA rules generally do not apply and discrimination is allowed. There are no limits on benefits or compensation, nor do coverage, participation, or vesting rules apply.